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NEW! BlackBerry Prepaid App

SETAR’s BlackBerry Prepaid Mobile App enables you to:

  • Easily recharge your calling credit 
  • Buy BlackBerry Internet bundles
  • Track your calling credit
  • See when your Internet bundle expires
  • Have your phone info in the palm of your hand

How to download this app

Make sure your BlackBerry is connected to the Internet by purchasing a BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) bundle by dialing *123# or connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Once you have access to the Internet you have 3 options to download the SETAR BlackBerry Prepaid App:

  1. Go to on your BlackBerry and follow the instructions.
  2. If you have the latest version of App World (2.0 or 3.0), you can open this, click the ‘menu’ key and select ‘scan a barcode’. Point the camera to the bar code below.
  3. if you have downloaded the QR Scanner Pro from App World, you can open this and scan the following bar code.

BlackBerry Prepaid Mobile Application







Download the BlackBerry Prepaid App and follow the instructions.

When the download is completed, you will find the app in your ‘Downloads’ folder.


Get Started

Get started

Go to your downloads folder (or home screen, if you have moved the app for easy access) and click on the icon below.


Accept the application permission and the terms of use. You now have access to all the possibilities that this app provides. Remember, this is an app for SETAR BlackBerry Prepaid users. If you insert a Postpaid SIM, a SIM from another provider or an inactive SIM, it will not work properly.

On the app home screen you will find 4 buttons:

  • Balance: Press this button and see your current Prepaid Calling Credit. You can also see if you have an active BlackBerry Internet Bundles and when this bundle expires.
  • Buy Bundles: Buy BlackBerry Internet Bundles with one push of a button. Select your Internet Bundle (BlackBerry Internet Service, BlackBerry Messenger Service or BlackBerry Social Service), your terms (one day, one week or more) and you can instantly see its price. Select and purchase!
  • Recharge: Purchase a Prepaid Calling Card, scratch the back to find your unique PIN number and insert it in the designated PIN area on this page. Your account is instantly recharged! Press the balance button to see your updated calling credit.
  • Info: here you find your phone info in case you need your IMEI code, your configured e-mail address, your phone model and more..


Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to be able to download this app?

You need a SETAR BlackBerry Prepaid phone with an Internet connection via browser, because you will need to access a website from your BlackBerry device. You can go to a Wi-Fi hotspot or purchase a BlackBerry Internet Service bundle for 1 day by dialing *136# and following the instructions. After this, you can go to to download the app. 


I downloaded the app, but I can’t find it on my BlackBerry.

If you downloaded the app through the website or QR code, you will find the app under your ‘downloads’ folder on your BlackBerry.


I installed the app and I want to purchase a BlackBerry Internet Bundle, but I currently don’t have access to the Internet. What can I do?

You need to have an Internet connection to install this app, but you can always purchase BlackBerry Internet Bundles. If you don’t have a connection with the Internet at the time of the purchase, the app will operate via SMS. You will also receive a confirmation message of your Bundle purchase though SMS.


I purchased a Prepaid Calling Credit card and I tried to recharge my prepaid account through ‘Recharge’, but it doesn’t work.

Check if you inserted the right 12 digit code in the ‘PIN’ entry field. If you inserted the right code and it still doesn’t work, contact our call center through 118. If you enter the wrong code 3 times, your account will be blocked from further recharging. In that case,  you can also contact our call center.


I have a SETAR BlackBerry Postpaid phone. Can I use this app?

You can download this app to check your Postpaid balance and see your phone info. The other menu items will not function on a Postpaid phone.


I get the error message ‘SIM card not provisioned’ or ‘invalid SIM card’

Please insert a SETAR Prepaid SIM card in your BlackBerry



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