Balance Inquiry (BAL)


To verify your Rollover Minutes, send an SMS with the message 'BAL' to 225.

Note: Standard SMS rates are applicable.

SMS balance is a way to help customers receive instant information at any time about the available Bundle minutes and Rollover minutes.

Instruction on sending inquiry message:

  • Choose Menu
  • Choose Messages
  • Choose Text messages
  • Choose Create New Message
  • Type BAL (capital letters)
  • Choose Send message
  • Choose Number 225 and you are done

The customer will receive the requested info instantly displayed on their Mobile screen. The return messages will be received from short code nr. 16270. This feature is available to all our Post-paid customers. Regular SMS tariff is applied to each balance request.

Content return message:
You have xx remaining mins, xx subscription mins, xx rollover mins, xx used mins, xx = minutes Example:
Start Billing Subscription minutes 150 minutes
Rollover minutes 100 minutes
Balance 250 minutesThis period used minutes 90 minutes
Remaining 160 minutes


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